This Blog is about the formation of Carmelite Seculars.

The purpose of the Blog is threefold…

  • to extend the all-too-brief monthly formation period by providing some input for the formation members.
  • to provide opportunities for enquirers and those in formation to comment and engage in an online discussion.
  • to facilitate ongoing formation for any member temporarily unable to attend meetings…i.e remote participation in formation.

Formation is important.  In fact, our Constitutions (#46) state:The primary responsibility of the Council is the formation and Christian and Carmelite maturing of the members of the community.”

So, important enough to be the primary responsibility of the ‘immediate authority of the community’ – the community council.


Constitutions #32 tells us, The central object of the process of formation in the Secular Order is to prepare the person to live the charism and spirituality of Carmel in its following of Christ, and in service to its mission.”

The purpose of living the Carmelite charism is, ultimately, union with God, always for the sake of the Church and the world.  The fundamental elements (cf Constitutions #9) of our vocation are…

a)      to live in allegiance to Jesus Christ, supported by the imitation and patronage of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, whose way of life is, for Carmel, a model of being conformed to Christ.

b)      to seek “mysterious union with God” by way of contemplation and apostolic activity, indissolubly joined together, for service to the Church;

c)      to give particular importance to prayer which, nourished by listening to the Word of God and by the liturgy, is conducive to relating with God as a friend, not just in prayer but in daily living. To be committed to this life of prayer demands being nourished by faith, hope and, above all, charity in order to live in the presence and the mystery of the living God

d)      to infuse prayer and life with apostolic zeal in a climate of human and Christian community;

e)      to live evangelical self-denial from a theological perspective;

f)        to give importance to the commitment to evangelization: in the ministry of spirituality as the particular collaboration of the Secular Order, faithful to its Teresian Carmelite identity.

St Teresa of Jesus makes very clear God’s purpose in calling us to holiness:

This is the reason for prayer, my daughters, the purpose of this spiritual marriage: the birth always of good works, good works.” (Interior Castle, 7:4:6)

Let’s support one another on the journey.

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  1. ChristineD Carmelite says:

    It was four years ago when l walked into the Sydney Discalced Carmelite Community.It has been an incredible journey of prayers, friendship, readings, recollection and retreat days and enriching discussions. This Sunday l will be making my First Promise to Almighty God and the Carmelite Community and thank the community for the support, friendship prayers and direction l have experienced.l pray we all continue to grow in faith, love and charity all the days of our lives. Amen

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