Jubilee of Mercy – Pope Francis’ letter

MercyThe peace and mercy of God be with you!

Misericordiae VultusBull of Indiction of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy

Pope Francis does it again…hits the nail right on the head!


But what’s a Bull of Indiction?  For that matter, what’s a Bull?  (No…not beef!)

Briefly, “The term bull (from the Latin bulla = bubble or, more generally, a rounded object) originally indicated the metal capsule used to protect the wax seal attached with a cord to a document of particular importance, to attest to its authenticity and, as a consequence, its authority. Over time, the term began to be used first to indicate the seal, then the document itself, so that nowadays it is used for all papal documents of special importance that bear, or at least traditionally would have borne, the Pontiff’s seal.” 

The info came from this lady’s website.  You can read a lot more here…


Fr. Greg Burke wrote recently:

“As you know, Pope Francis has called a Holy Year dedicated to Mercy.  It will begin on the fiftieth anniversary of the closing of the Second Vatican Council this December 8th.  This theme resonates with our Carmelite tradition.  St Teresa, whose 500th anniversary we have just celebrated with such joy, repeated constantly, “I will sing forever the mercies of God”.

 The Mercy of God is what sets us free and unites us with God.  It also compels us to be merciful without bounds.  Mercy is at the heart of the Church’s mission and our own Carmelite communities.  We are called to be reconciled communities which witness to the power of God’s mercy.  

Let us enter into the spirit of this special time and meditate personally on this great theme.  It may be well to also discuss in community Pope Francis’s words in the attached document Misericordiae Vultus which is the Bull of Indiction for the Year of Jubilee.  Pope Francis sets out a spiritual vision for the Church in our time.  Let us sing forever the mercies of God.”

 Key Points about the Jubilee Year – from Rome Reports.  What do you think about the Jubilee motto…”Merciful like the Father.”?


Here’s link to further info on the Catholic News Service website,  It’s worth checking.


Now there’s a website for the Jubilee.  You can access the site here, including the prayer for the Jubilee Year.














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