March Formation – The Blessed Virgin Mary

annunciationFor the March formation meeting we looked at Chapter 8 (Vol.2, Nov.1) ‘Mary’.

The first thing we noticed about this chapter is how incredibly dense with detail it is. For this reason we are spreading our reading out and will continue this theme when we meet again in May.

All of Mariology has to be explained Christologically, and it is this which renders the true grandeur of Mary (OCDS Philippines V2.Nov1, 2006, p.241)

What is strong in this chapter is the way it impresses upon us that it is not all about Mary. Or rather it guides us to reorienting our individualistic and celebrity driven cultural assumptions to understand Mary in the light of Old Testament prophecy and New Testament revelation.

The promises of old are fresh in our minds this Easter season. We have just been meditating on the people of Israel’s liberation from the slavery of Egypt, their wandering in the desert and God’s covenant.

Catholic scholars speak of the person of Mary as representative of Israel’s perfect response to the covenant established by God on Sinai.  (OCDS Philippines V2.Nov1, 2006, p.249)

This month we will take some time meditate on what that ‘perfect response’ involves and where Israel’s (our) imperfect responses lead us to look to Mary for strength and wisdom in fulfilling the promises of old and guidance and light to reveal the new ark of the covenant.

Photo credit: Annunciation, Fra Angelico, 1438

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  1. Test User says:

    Nice article

  2. ChristineD Carmelite says:

    Thank you for this article Marcelle especially today; the feast of the Assumption of Our Immaculate Mother. l love the reading as l became aware of the plan God had for the role Our Lady was to play, from the book of Genesis, to the New Testament and finally in the book of Revelations.How grateful l feel at the “Yes” of Our Mother and by her example my
    daily “yes” to the will of God in my life. From the discussion last month l am reflecting more on surrendering to contemplative prayer from vocal and mental prayer if time permits.Thank you.

  3. Les says:

    Test comment only

  4. chrisfirmstone says:

    What an insightful contribution on Mary, our model in contemplation, Marcelle. It was with good reason that the first hermits on Mount Carmel sought the protection of Mary and were called ‘The Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary’. Mary lived a hidden life, wrapped in humility, did nothing spectacular apart from submitting perfectly to the will of God. She is our true model in contemplative living.

    Mary’s life was a continual prayer of praise of God. Just like our St. Therese, she was forever singing of the merciful love of the Father.

    We can also feel absolutely certain of Mary’s protection of our Carmelite family, and of each one of us individually.

  5. Mirna_333 says:

    Wishing everyone a Blessed Feast Day of the Annunciation!! Although a little later this year, due to Good Friday falling on the 25th of March. May Our Blessed Lady’s protection be with everyone, and what a perfect day to think and ponder about Mary’s response to the Angel and what that ‘YES’ meant for all of us, and for the whole humanity.

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