O that today you would listen to his voice

O that today you would listen to his voice” (Invitatory Ps 94)

If we recite the Invitatory Psalm each day as we commence the Divine Office, we hear that crucial exhortation every day.  But do we really take any notice?  Or do we fall into that trap that Frank Sheed warned of so may years ago…the trap of listening to Scripture in a kind of ‘pious coma’. (Sheed, p19)

Does God actually speak to us? But how? How can we hear his voice?

  • Through the Scriptures
  • Through the teachings of the Church
  • Through the lives of the saints
  • Through the Liturgy
  • Through the conscience

Easy enough to do, but all-too-easy not to do. There are so many other ‘voices’ pressing in on us for attention. It takes a real effort to actively listen. The Rule of St Albert can help us here, if we make the effort to listen to what St Albert advises and then consult our Secular Constitution to learn how to apply the Carmelite charism in our secular style of life.

 Let’s become great listeners.

 For further encouragement, listen to Fr Barron’s homily on The Shepherd’s Voice here…https://www.wordonfire.org/WOF-Radio/Sermons/Sermon-Archive-for-2014/Sermon-696-The-Shepherds-Voice-4th-Sunday-of-Easte.aspx

Sheed, F.J.- “Christ in Eclipse: A Clinical Study of the Good Christian” – Sheed, Andrews and McNeel Inc. Kansas, 1978

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I'm Les Walters, Immediate Past President in our OCDS Community from 17 July 2016 to August 2018. Now First Councillor - August 2018 till August 2021 and Secretary
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  1. Les says:

    A serendipitous quote from my favourite business philosopher, Jim Rohn…

    “Don’t spend most of your time on the voices that don’t count. Tune out the shallow voices so that you will have more time to tune in the valuable ones.”

    Well said Jim!

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