Our Community Retreat 2015

My Dear Friends…Peace be with you!

Towards the end of May, many of us will gather at Mt. Carmel Retreat House, Varroville, for our annual retreat.  I hope most of you can make it.

This year we will be reflecting on some of the material presented by Pere Jacques OCD to the Carmelite nuns at Pontoise, France, in 1943.  We are fortunate to have that material available in a little book, “Listen to the Silence”, which will be available in the Priory Bookshop.  While we won’t have time to cover everything, we will focus on some important Carmelite themes between Monday and Friday:

  1. Solitude – the Essence of Carmel
  2. Christ, the Object of our Prayer
  3. To See Christ
  4. Christ at Prayer
  5. The Divine Preparation in Mary and in Us
  6. Silence
  7. The Holy Spirit, Master of Prayer

Over the weekend, the retreat will be given by Fr. Paul Maunder OCD.

In addition, from Monday to Friday, we are fortunate in having access to the DVD program, “Priest, Prophet, King“, prepared and presented by Fr. Robert Barron and his Word on Fire team.  You may remember I posted some info about this subject early last year… http://carmelite-seculars-sydney.com/2014/01/

Here’s a few words by Fr. Barron from the introduction to the Leader’s Guide to the program, to give you an idea of the nature and purpose of the program.

Dear Friends in Christ,

The Priest, Prophet, King Formation Program has been created by Word on Fire Catholic Ministries to support the Church’s mission, which is to introduce the world to Jesus Christ and invite people to share the many gifts the Lord offers and wants his people to enjoy.

We cannot introduce Jesus Christ to others unless we have first been introduced to him ourselves, and this is our purpose with Priest, Prophet, King Formation Program – to provide an introduction to the Lord so that in coming to know him, people might better introduce him to others.

Jesus Christ is a living divine person, who, as the Scriptures testify, accepted a human nature and lived a real human life.  This extraordinary revelation offers humanity new hope, for God in Christ shows us, through his willingness to accept a human nature, just how much he loves us.  Christ the Lord in his revelation defines who he is.  His truth is not simply an abstraction of the mind or feeling in our hearts.  Instead, Christ is boldly himself, for he is God.  But he is God who makes himself known to us, and therefore gives us categories and experiences through which we can come to an understanding of who he is and what he wants.

These categories of understanding and experiencing a relationship with him are Priest, Prophet, and King, and through them we come to know the Lord.  They also allow us to understand ourselves.

The film for the Priest, Prophet, King Formation Program was created on location at the beautiful campus of Mundelein Seminary, and the Study Program was written by my good friend, Carl Olsen.  It is my hope that the visual component of the Formation Program will inspire you with the beauty of the Lord, and the written materials will provoke you to better understand his truth.  I believe that in its totality, the Priest, Prophet, King Formation Program will help you know Christ and prepare you to truly be his missionary disciple.


Very Reverend Robert E. Barron
Rector-President of Mundelein Seminary/University ST Mary of the Lake
Founder of Word on Fire Ministries

 The subjects from the program are:

  1. Adoratio
  2. The High Priest
  3. Challenging False Worship
  4. The Word made Flesh
  5. Ordering the Kingdom
  6. King of Kings

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I'm Les Walters, Immediate Past President in our OCDS Community from 17 July 2016 to August 2018. Now First Councillor - August 2018 till August 2021 and Secretary
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  1. Les says:

    Saturday 2nd May, and I just had a huge ‘binge’ session, meaning I watched the entire “Priest, Prophet, King” DVD program in one sitting…6 sessions of about 20 minutes or so each. I am impressed and inspired. It is SO good! And so much of it reinforces and underpins many aspects of our OCDS Constitutions. I love it and I’m certain you will too. I can’t wait to view it again, then with you, and to get your impressions and ideas about it.

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