All: Reading St Teresa’s Interior Castle – 2013

Suggested OCDS reading programme:

The following schedule is from Fr Greg Burke OCD and is for the Community’s ongoing formation for 2013.     


2.      February: IC Dwelling Place VII and Epilogue

3.      March: Prologue and IC Dwelling Place I

4.      April: IC Dwelling Places II and III

5.      May: IC Dwelling Place IV chapters 1 to 3

6.      June: IC Dwelling Place V chapters 1 and 2

7.      July: IC Dwelling Place V chapters 3 and 4

8.     August: IC Dwelling Place VI Chapters 1 to 4

9.      September: IC Dwelling Place VI Chapters 5 to 8

10.  October: IC Dwelling Place VI chapters 9 to 11


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I'm Les Walters, Immediate Past President in our OCDS Community from 17 July 2016 to August 2018. Now First Councillor - August 2018 till August 2021 and Secretary
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