The Bible and the Sacraments

Deepen your Understanding of the Sacraments - for free!

The St. Paul Center presents their newest video study, The Bible and the Sacraments, available for the first time this Lent.

Register now to get free access to this study and discover the “masterworks of God.”

I can recommend this, based on a similar program – The Bible and the Virgin Mary - I did a little while ago.  See preview here:  Bible and Virgin Mary

Experience the power of the Church’s seven signs of grace in the St. Paul Center’s new video study, The Bible and the Sacraments.  This Lent, join thousands of Catholics online by participating in the free study at

Join host Matthew Leonard for this visually stunning eleven lesson series that explores how and why the seven Sacraments are God’s gifts of life and love to His children.  The free online study begins on March 1, 2017 and will continue throughout the Lenten season. Sign up now to participate in this deeply moving Bible study.

If you prefer, you can purchase the DVDs.  Just visit the store here…


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  1. jilld says:

    hanks Les when I get a chance I will look at bible & the sacraments Such good topics for Lent. I think over time it is very easy to become a little dulled to teh meaning of the sacraments and it is certainly worthwhile enlivening our understanding of them. As we know the bible and the sacraments anchor us in the Church and in Christ.

  2. Les says:

    Thanks Jill. From your comments, I think you might like one or more of Scott Hahn’s bible courses. I’m enjoying this one:

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